Maranatha Christian Academy International K-12 Private Christian School



Maranatha Host Families are Distinctly Caring.

Maranatha has experienced host families, most of which have students of their own who attend our school. Maranatha’s administration personally visits each host family and has an orientation that sets the expectations of host families, and their role in nurturing and assisting a young international student who is adjusting to American culture. Homestay families contribute to the well-being and success of an international student including personal guidance, transportation to and from school, encouragement in activities/socializing, and providing a furnished room and internet connection.

While host families are exceptional in their encouragement and support of students who are studying far from home, these families are very receptive to the parent’s wishes and encourage the student to embrace their natural family identity and culture. Returning students are often placed with a different host family in order to encourage an international student’s long-term relationship with their natural parents. Homestays provide a structured and nurturing environment with an increased level of communication with a student’s parents.