A school with a vision needs to have the tools and technology to fulfill it! Maranatha Christian Academy (MCA) has all of this to propel our students to achieve their goals.
At MCA our classrooms are equipped with Calypso projection systems with smartboard technology that each teacher can control through a mobile hand-held device, giving them the freedom to move around the classroom and engage the students. In addition, the Calypso offers a voice amplification system for our teachers so that no matter where a student is sitting in the classroom, the teacher’s voice can be heard. The technology of this system continues with LED control panels, allowing teachers to seamlessly switch between DVD’s, computer, and other mediums with a touch of a button.

Maranatha Christian Academy International K-12 Private Christian SchoolThe school also boasts four computer labs and four mobile laptop computer labs with 20+ computers in each. These mobile labs, along with our wireless campus, give our teachers and students the flexibility to use technology in a variety of ways and places.

Teachers also have access to immediate response units that engage students in a whole new way. Teachers can question the entire class and see the response from each student immediately on their screen in front of the classroom. By doing so, it engages every student at one time and allows the instructor to gauge the response.

Communication via flat screen T.V.’s located around the campus allow for up-to-date information to be disseminated to the whole student body. One such way is via our student-run T.V. announcements written and produced in the T.V./Production class.

The entire MCA campus is fitted with state-of-the-art security cameras and secure doors to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.