The Dean of Academics plays an active role in walking students through the myriad of class choices. To graduate from Maranatha Christian Academy (MCA) students must fulfill a certain amount of credits in various subject matter. In addition to these required classes, MCA offers a variety of elective courses from art to science.

As it pertains to international students, our Dean of Academics will establish what is needed to supplement the courses already taken at their previous school to keep them on pace to graduate and excel as they move on to the university of their choice. A primary importance will be placed on making sure the courses required for graduation are completed prior to offering elective courses.

Listed below are the requirements for Graduation from MCA Grades 9-12. A complete listing of courses is available in our Academic Handbook offered to enrolled students to help select their classes.

Subject Credits
Language Arts 4
Math* 3
Science** 3
Social Studies*** 3
Bible 4
Phy. Ed. 1
Health .5
Fine Arts 1
Personal Finance .5
Electives 9.5


Total 30
* Beginning with the graduating class of 2015, Albegra I may not count as one of the three maths credits
** = Science must include one year of Biology and one year of Chemistry
*** = Social Studies must include American History, Geography, World History, Economics, and Government.