Maranatha Christian Academy International K-12 Private Christian SchoolThe vision of the Engineering and Robotics Program is to create a vertical progression of engineering course work (interdisciplinary science, math, technology, and technical communication) within the school that prepares students for the collegiate and corporate environment through open-ended projects, exploration, inventive thinking, experimentation, and innovation. Students will be immersed in an engineering design process that amplifies vested student learning and accelerates the student’s ability to absorb complex ideas.

9th Grade: Engineering I
Students in Engineering I learn about stress forces, tolerancing, and reading technical drawings. Students are also be introduced to SolidWorks, a 3-D modeling program that is a standard piece of software used by many engineering and manufacturing firms. After attaining some expertise at SolidWorks, students then use their skills to design a battlebot to enter into competition in the Northwest Robotics League. Emphasis will be placed on developing teamwork, project management, taking a product from concept to completion, and communication skills.

10th Grade: Engineering II 
This class is involved in advanced robotics, utilizing the Handyboard microcontroller and Interactive C as the programming language. Students learn how to function in goal-oriented teams that involve several different areas of engineering, including process/production, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.

11th Grade: Engineering III – Aeronautical Engineering

Juniors take a one year elective Rocketry class that competes in the “Team America Rocketry Challenge.” This course introduces students to the concepts of design, production, testing and refining in the engineering process in general and aeronautical engineering.

12th Grade: Engineering IV
During their senior year, students have opportunities to experience the real work of engineers by taking part in a semester-long internship or job shadowing at local engineering firms. An alternate elective is Independent studies for students desiring to pursue special, advanced projects in engineering.