Maranatha offers its students the opportunity to participate in numerous sports throughout the year. As a member of the Minnesota State High School League, the school adheres to the policies and rules implemented by this governing body. Participating in sports develops confidence, teamwork, and a healthy lifestyle. According to the MSHSL, international students are able to compete at the junior varsity level or below. Our Athletic Director and coaches will work with our students to help make their experience rewarding and fun.

Sports offered include:

  • Boys' and Girls' Soccer
  • Boys' and Girls' Cross Country
  • Boys' and Girls' Basketball
  • Boys' Baseball
  • Girls' Softball
  • Boys' and Girls' Golf
  • Girls' Volleyball
  • Boys' and Girls' Trap Shooting


In addition to these varsity sports, Maranatha has established a cooperative program (co-op) with local high schools. For a nominal fee, Maranatha students can participate in additional sports including:

  • Boys' American Football
  • Girls’ Gymnastics
  • Boys’ and girls’ Swimming and Diving
  • Boys’ and Girls' Tennis
  • Boys' Wrestling
  • Boys' and Girls' Alpine Sports
  • Boys' and Girls' Lacrosse
  • Boys' and Girls' Track and Field