At Maranatha our student clubs are as diverse as our student interests. Whether you prefer spending time in northern Minnesota, central Mexico, or remaining on campus, we have a club that will peak your curiosity, develop your talent, and cultivate your passion.

Your engineering and physics knowledge will be put to the test when you choose to participate in our engineering club that has built multiple walking bridges along the Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota. For the more theoretical, our strategy games and reading clubs may be a place that you can connect with knowledge and make life-long friends.

Minnesota is known for its outdoor enthusiasm. The adventures club is a group of students that camp and hike in northern Minnesota twice per year. Whether you are an expert or novice, this club will test your physical and mental limits as you take on the outdoors. The downhill sports club also takes advantage of our state’s geography by providing ski and snowboarding opportunities in the winter.

A key component to MCA’s student culture is service. Our two missions trips to Mexico allow students to take part in assisting others who are less fortunate while learning valuable lessons that cannot be found in a text book.

The following is a list of some of our clubs and activities:
• Student Council
• Book Club
• National Honor Society
• Strategy Games
• Downhill Sports
• Outdoor Adventures Club

• Engineering and Robotics
• Rocketry
• Missions Trips
• And More!