Every student at Maranatha benefits from its exceptional student culture. Coupled with our emphasis on character development and sky-high academic standards and Maranatha rises above other university-preparatory schools.

Maranatha coursework appeals to students with a variety of interests and academic goals.  For those desiring to earn college credits in high school, we offer Advanced Placement courses and partner with universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, and MIT to provide a wide variety of university courses.  If the fine arts capture your student’s interest, our program includes courses in vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and dramatic arts.  For students who wish to explore the field of engineering, our coursework in Robotics, CAD, and Engineering Studies invites exploration, innovative thinking, experimentation, and exploration in an interdisciplinary setting of science, technology, and math.

An education at Maranatha is demanding, but there are many opportunities for individualized academic assistance.  Our instructors genuinely care about the success of each student academically and personally. Many teachers offer Help Sessions (additional tutoring for no fees after school), to assist their students in gaining a complete understanding of the coursework. Students needing more individualized help can be assigned a peer tutor.

While attending school at Maranatha, students have the opportunity to explore and expand their unique passions through a variety of clubs and activities. Whether it be hiking along the Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota through Adventures Club, learning about various cultures and countries in Culture Club, pursuing their artistic side in our after-school Art Club, or try to out-whit other students in our Strategy Games Club, there is something that will engage all of our students.

One of the more popular and successful organizations is our growing Robotics Program. Here students learn to collaborate with teammates, solve problems, program complex functions, and compete with a robot they have designed in tournaments. Our teams have won the State Tournament and even competed at the World Competition in the past.