Maranatha Christian Academy International K-12 Private Christian SchoolEvery student at Maranatha  benefits from its exceptional student culture, and our emphasis on character development, high expectations, and academic rigor set Maranatha above other university-preparatory schools.

Maranatha coursework appeals to students with a variety of interests and academic goals.  For those desiring to earn college credits in high school, we offer six Advanced Placement courses and partner with universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, and MIT to provide a wide variety of university courses.  If the fine arts capture your student’s interest, our program includes courses in vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and dramatic arts.  For students who wish to explore the field of engineering, our coursework in Robotics, CAD, and Engineering Studies invites exploration, inventive thinking, experimentation, and innovation in an interdisciplinary setting of science, technology, and math.

An education at Maranatha is demanding, but there are many opportunities for individualized academic assistance.  Help sessions with teachers are available daily to all students both during and after school, and students needing more individualized help on a regular basis can be assigned a peer tutor.  For those with unique learning needs, our licensed special education teacher will implement accommodations and modifications to ensure a successful experience.

Our instructors take a genuine approach to teaching, caring about the success of each student academically and personally. Many teachers offer additional tutoring for no fees after school to assist their students in gaining a complete understanding of the coursework. In addition, the New England Prep program gives students over 60 hours of instruction over their high school years to prepare them for success in the PSAT, SAT and ACT tests that help with placement into top-tier universities around the country.