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Brian Sullivan – Headmaster of Maranatha Christian Academy

For more than 20 years Brian Sullivan has been the Headmaster of Maranatha Christian Academy.  He is a passionate individual who loves to see young students grow and mature into the talented young adults they have the potential to become.  He takes an active interest in all students at Maranatha, even frequently standing outside in below freezing weather to hold the door and greet students as they arrive at school.  His dedication to developing the individual’s mind and spirit sets him apart from other headmasters and will be an asset in your student’s stay at Maranatha.


Gretchen Gustafson – International Student Program Coordinator

Gretchen Gustafson is a native of Minnesota, but has a passion for travel.  She holds degrees in International Diplomacy, East Asian Studies, and Chinese from Wittenberg University (Springfield, OH).  In all of her travels, living in Beijing, China and studying at Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语大学) has been the most rewarding experience.  As Maranatha’s International Student Program Coordinator (ISPC), she will be your primary contact in your student’s application process and stay at MCA.  An alumna of Maranatha, Ms. Gustafson is extremely familiar with the curriculum, staff, and patterns of daily life at the school to help guide your student to become as successful as possible.


Timothy Ford – Upper School Principal

Timothy Ford has been at Maranatha for eleven years and has made his mark on the school.  As a former teacher, Mr. Ford has a unique understanding of the school system that allows him to be an effective and fair principal.  In addition to helping our Upper School (grades 9-12) run, he also leads the Adventures Club where students hike around Minnesota and the United States.



Seborn Yancy – Dean of Academics

Seborn Yancy is Maranatha’s Dean of Academics and will help guide you to acheive your dreams of attending an American university.  Before coming to Maranatha, Mr. Yancy held the position of International Admissions Director at Northwestern University.  This experience gives him a unique insight into the international application and he will be able to help your application reflect what a university is truly looking for in a student.  A current PhD candidate for School Administration, Mr. Yancy is dedicated to the school system and looks forward to assisting you in your path to success.  His  passion for learning and his desire to assist students in earning an excellent education make him a perfect fit for the MCA Academic Dean position.

Melody Brinkley – Dean of Students

22984574040_034328d8d4_zMelody Brinkley is Maranatha’s Dean of Students.  A former teacher for both high schools and universities, she not only has a passion for ensuring your student’s social well being, but will be able to aide their academic growth.  Her passion lies with developing young students to push their academic limits to acheive what they may have previously believed to be unattainable.  Should you have any questions about academic life, Mrs. Brinkley is the perfect resource.