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Welcome to Maranatha! At Maranatha, our purpose is to educate and equip students for life both academically and socially. It is the duty of every school to show students how highly they can achieve, but our mission to surpass these expectations.  Maranatha faculty and staff drive them to reach their highest potential and support them through their journey.

Established in 1978, Maranatha is a fully accredited school that fulfills its mission by developing students who are self-directed life-long learners. Our award-winning teachers educate children of nearly all ages as a pre-kindergarten through grade 12 institution, instilling principles of diligence, honor, and integrity.  The International Student Program from grades 8-12 develops world leaders in a university-preparatory environment with exceptional student culture.

Maranatha Christian Academy encourages self-discovery.  From creative science courses like Robotics and Engineering to technical writing courses like Yearbook and Journalism, Maranatha gives every student the opportunity to discover their talents and perfect their craft.